Long Electric Co
Serving Abilene Since 1951

Day Care, K-12, High Schools, College Campus


ER Clinics, Dr. Offices, Hospitals, Generators


Wind Energy, Production Lines, Manufacturing


Courthouses, Fire Stations, Police Station, Civic Centers


Remodel, Custom Homes, Apartments

Long Electric Co. has been family owned and operated for more than 67 years. Today we are Abilene's most established electrical contracting company without any debt or external financial dependency.We have done electrical work on shopping centers, hospitals, schools, churches, manufacturing plants, civic centers, coliseums, courthouses, large and small residences and numerous other jobs. For 64 years, we have never failed to complete a job. Long Electric is built on the principle of taking care of both our employees and our customers. We do not take short cuts and give our customers quality service they can trust. Our goal on every project is to give professional service for a fair price. You can depend upon Long Electric to be able to take care of your needs today and tomorrow.

781 US HWY 80 E

Abilene, Tx 79601



Long Electric Co